So the Journey Continues….

A few years have passed since I started the journey to a better me. With several ups and downs. Mostly my lack of sticking to a plan.

In 2012, I decided to join one of those “$10 a month” fitness clubs. My husband joined with me shortly after. All went well for the first few months. I did run into some busy sessions where it was difficult to get to the machines I wanted. I tried some of the “design your own fitness plans” where you go through your goals with a “trainer” and they give you a set of exercises to do. My focus was cardio because they say that’s how you will lose fat, which I have a lot of. So I became a cardio bunny neglecting weights and strength training. Long story short, my results were not what I was expecting. So more changes needed to be made.

I made additional changes to my diet. I eliminated most processed foods and incorporated more fruits and veggies into my diet. I drank a “slimming smoothie” every morning that was supposed to help activate my metabolism and jump start my day. It was a tasty smoothie with lots of citrus, berries and spinach. It did not yield any results.

Tried adding additional time at the gym, sorta. Let’s be real. My goal was 3-5 times a week and I managed it for a few weeks. There were several months when I did not go at all. Even a few times where we drove to the gym just to pull through the parking lot and return home because it was so busy.

Fast forward to 2017. My husband and I drove to our local gym and pulled into the parking lot. There were no spaces available and all the machines were full. We drove home and decided we needed to make another change. Yes, more changes.

This is the beginning of some real results. Up until this point, I yo-yo’d between 215 and 240 lbs. Nothing I tried made the weight come off and stay off. Now, truth be told, I was not very consistent at the gym.

In April of 2017 we traded out $10 per month membership for a much pricier option. We joined our local Cascade Athletic Club.  This choice has made a big difference. We are able to have a family membership in which our 3 children can attend. Yes, the whole family is getting involved with becoming healthier. There are several classes and lots of other bonuses. A larger variety of machines in weights and cardio means I don’t get as bored as often, which is a very good thing because I get bored of doing the same thing every week. We also started utilizing a personal trainer.  We try to see him twice a month for a partner training session. I really want to do more but finances do not allow at this time.  Silly money, don’t you know I need more of you. LOL!

So since April 2017 to today I have lost 33 lbs. I started at 238 lbs and weighed in this morning at 205 lbs. My husband started out at 280 lbs and weighed in this morning at 225 lbs. We have been pretty consistent with working out 4-6 times a week. More often it’s 4 times sometimes 5. That 6th one seems to elude us often. But it is still our goal to go 6 times a week. 3 days of strength and cardio and the other 3 days of just cardio. Life likes to interrupt our best laid plans.

We did have a set back in October. Our daughter crashed and totaled our second car. That left us with one car and a headache with the insurance companies (note: we still do not have a satisfactory response). One car and 3 drivers did not go so well. From October through December was a time of limited gym trips. Oh and I bake lots of goodies at the holidays. Taste testing is a must. So few workouts and lots of treats, I gained some weight back. So did my hubby but his has all come back off again. I have another 3 lbs to go.

Warning! Rant ahead! I really hate the way men lose weight. My husband barely tracks anything. Not his activity, calories, macros, or water. Like nothing! And his weight is falling off. He is almost to his goal weight. I track everything. I’m OCD and a perfectionist so I like to track and organize and drive myself crazy. But that’s me! He drops his weight so fast and I am (very) slowly going down. I do have a larger amount of weight I want to lose versus his weight loss goal. But still. He lost 55 lbs in 8 months versus my 33 lbs in the same amount of time. And he ate more sweets than me during the holidays. OK. Rant over.

Now you are caught up with the journey. We have made more changes and we will talk about those separately. Please note: We will promote some products and workouts we do. They are meant to be a guide, an option if you will. Just because it works or does not work for us does not mean that it wont work for you. Just like if you utilize the $10/mo gyms or pre-packaged meal plan doesn’t mean you wont see results. They just did not work for us. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Check back soon. More topics to come. If there is something you would like to know more about, ask us. We will do our best to find some answers for you. Remember, we are not experts! We are just like you! Trying to be the best versions of ourselves.


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