Accountability is so important. Having that person or group of people to help keep you on track is essential to your success.

Anybody try to compete a goal (any goal) and fail? Raising my hand! I’ve tried to read a book a month before and failed miserably finishing only 2 books for the year. I didn’t have anyone checking in on me to make sure I’m reaching my goal.

Pick a good accountability person(s). This is key. My hubby is my main accountability partner as well as my workout partner so it works… for the most part. We can motivate each other well because we know how to push each other. But we can easily un-motivate each other too. If one of us is tired after work, it’s really easy to convince the other to skip the gym or grab a bite to eat on the way home because we (I) don’t want to cook. This was more prevalent in the early stages and around the holidays.  Since we are making gains, it is happening less and less. Our conversations are less of “I’m tired, lets skip the gym tonight” “ok” and more of ” I’m tired , lets skip the gym tonight” “you can, I’m still going” “ok, I’ll go too”. We are working harder at keeping ourselves on track which helps the other stay on too.

I have a few others I check in with every now and then. Our personal trainer (I highly recommend getting one if you don’t have one and can afford it) keeps us on track too. We see him almost daily at the gym and we work out with him every other week. He also weighs us so we have a goal to be less than our previous weights. If our trainer doesn’t see us for a couple of days, he calls to check in. This helps as well. Keeps us motivated to prevent those “where have you been?” calls.

Here are a few articles about the importance of accountability. I highly recommend finding a person or group to check in with at least once a week. I’m sure there are groups on Facebook you can join. I don’t know how they do their accountability as I do not belong to any.  Ask your friends and family. Co-workers would work too. Find someone who you can be honest with. There will be times where you will struggle. Weight loss is not linear. I struggle with this concept. I hate when the scale goes up and nothing has changes in my daily routine and eating habits. But that is a rant for another day.

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The Importance of Accountability: 5 Steps to Success

3 Accountability Strategies for Greater Weight Loss Success

Comment below if you would join if I started an accountability group on Facebook. If there are at least 5 people, I will start one.  Let me know.

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