The Right Attire Makes a Difference

Today is the day I am going to look super cute! So you go through your closet and assemble the perfect outfit. It sets the mood for the day. When you look good, you feel good. Productivity is increased. Besides, there are compliments galore. Who doesn’t like compliment, right!?!?

Same goes for your workout clothes. You want to pick good quality clothing that not only looks good but will continue to hold all the “giggly” parts in place. I have lots of giggly spots still so I need super hold clothing.

I have bought several different brands over the years. From the cheaper capri-style pants and shirts to more expensive items. I have shifted me thinking over the years based on my experiences.

I have a goal number in mind for my next reward. I am getting close to that goal. My reward, a new workout outfit. Actually it’s 2 because I already bought them. I got a great deal. But they are sitting in my drawer taunting me while I slowly get to my goal number. I set mini-goals (usually 10-20 lbs) and give myself a little reward. Its a nice way to help keep me on track without hindering my progress. Yes, sometimes my reward is a cheat meal but I am finding that I like them less.

Here’s what I found:

The cheaper items that I have purchased from Walmart are pretty decent. The pants do stretch out and not retain their shape after washing. I still have a couple of pairs that I wear occasionally. I started buying Danskin pants because they had my size (XXL) to start with. They were pretty inexpensive for something I’m going to wear to get sweaty. Besides, I didn’t really care what I looked like at the gym. I was there to get my sweat on and that’s it. They were comfortable but I found myself having to pull them up repeatedly during my workouts. This got annoying quickly. But all in all, they did the job of covering my lower-half while sweating. Some moisture control but no “giggly” control. So if you are just starting out or need a less expensive option, this pant brand will do. Average price: $10-$20 according to Walmart’s website.

The least-expensive shirts I’ve purchased, I don’t know the brand(s). I like the tank-top style because it gives me free range of motion. I do have some tee-shirts as well. I like the tanks with the cute/funny sayings. These are often my go-to for a small reward because they are usually between $3-$8 each so I pick up a couple. I probably have enough shirts to workout 6 days a week for 3 weeks before having to repeat. I am currently slimming down my options (momentarily) because I have shrunk so much that they just do not fit or look good on me any more. I recently eliminated 3 pairs of pants and 5 shirts due to them being too big.

Some of my favorites are:

Fit-{ish} I like the idea of being fit but I equally like food

I’m planning my next cheat meal

I run to burn off the crazy

Plank now, Wine later

365 new days. 365 New beginnings

Work for it

Strong is the new pretty

I buy them at a variety of locations including Walmart and Ross. They are fun and help keep me motivated to reach my goals.

I have purchased some name-brand shirts as well such as Adidas and Under Armor. I don’t really have a preference between these two, unless we are talking shoes. My husband is a HUGE Under Armor fan. When it comes to workout shoes, I prefer Adidas over any brand. More on footwear another day.

Probably the most expensive athletic clothing I have purchased is from Fabletics. They are worth every penny. The clothes are super cute (my two new outfits are from Fabletics). The quality of clothing is amazing. I started with them a couple of years ago and only purchased the one outfit (until recently). Those pants and shirt still look and feel like new. I probably wear them twice a month at least. I have a new pair of pants that hold everything in place while I’m working out. They stay put too! I do not have to keep pulling them up consistently. They hold their shape after use and cleaning.

Yes, you sign up to be a VIP to get the deals. No, you do not have to buy something every month. It is super easy to skip the month, I do it every month. I wait for the special deals that they send to VIP’s. This is how I got the 2 new outfits. They had a special $25 outfit sale and I bought 2. Of course, I am still waiting to wear them (need to hit my goal first). Each of the outfits have a style and usually have multiple color/print options to pick from.

Over the years, I have changed what I think while I’m at the gym. I have dropped 2 sizes so my self-confidence has improved greatly. I still do not care what people at the gym think about me or my clothes. I care about me and my clothes. I am more motivated to workout, or even get dressed in my workout clothes, when I have something cute to wear. Something to motivate me. It’s a good reward system for me since I can use it longer than a meal and it’s usually less expensive.

Bottom line, do what’s best for you. If your budget allows for the splurge, do yourself a favor and get high-quality clothing. You will not be disappointed. They will last a long time and maintain their hold.

The most important thing is to just get out there and be active.


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