Keep your goals in focus! Tell others so they can help you keep focused. Focus on how far you have come!

My goal is to get from 203 lbs  to 138 lbs before my 13th anniversary of my 27th birthday. In other words, my 40th which is not too far away. I have a little over a year to get to my goal.

My focus, eating right and hitting the gym for a sweat session 6 times a week. I made it there 5 times last week. I am on track for 6 this week. Just need to figure out the plan for tomorrow since it is my baby’s 13th birthday and party. Yes, I am avoiding the cake and ice cream and will probably substitute something like a fat bomb in it’s place. Fat bombs are small sweet treats packed with good fats for those on the Keto-style diet, like me. I made some strawberry cheesecake fat bombs the other day, yumm. I will post recipes eventually.

I’m focused on being more diligent with my eating plan. Staying on track more. Less “oops” days. This is important because you cannot outrun the fork. Weight loss goes hand in hand with the foods we eat as well as the quality of foods. I lean towards whole, fresh foods, lean proteins and lots of veggies. I limit the amount of processed foods I eat. Check out some of my favorite recipes. They are pretty simple and oh-so yummy. Check back often for updates.

Tell me your goals and let us help keep you focused. Check back often to see if I’m still focused. Let’s hold each other accountable.

Keep Focused!

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