Intermittent Fasting

By Staci

There is a great buzz going around about intermittent fasting (IF). There are several good articles about it. Lots of people having success with it.

Intermittent Fasting is fasting for a set number of hours each day or fasting for a full 24 hours 2 days a week. Most popular (from my research) is 16/8 or 20/4. 16/8 means you fast for 16 hours and eat all your calories (food) in 8 hours. 20/4 is similar, only you fast for 20 and eat for 4. The key is to consume your normal amount of calories during the feeding time and to limit the amount of calories during the fasting times. Drink things like water, coffee and tea. Limit what you add to your coffee or tea. Creamer and sugar/sweetener can add up and be detrimental. Artificial sweetener can hinder the weight loss progress.

Russ and I tried to do the IF. He started at 12 hours and I went for the 16/4. For the first couple of days, I was hungry during the normal times I would eat breakfast. So I stopped eating at 8 pm and ate brunch at 1 pm the following day. I found hot water helped me feel satisfied during the fast.

Russ dropped a pound a day for the first week. It was ridiculous. For me, I gained weight each day. Just a little but by the end of the week, I was up a little over a pound. It had other effects on me as well. I slept less then I was before. My stress levels were up a little trying to “be good” until 1 pm, trying to keep my mind off my grumbling tummy. My mood shifted. I noticed I was grumpy all the time which is almost a polar opposite to my normal. So I stopped IF after a week and a half. Too many changes I did not like where happening and I was not getting any positive results.

So I went back to my daily routine. Which is a modified IF. I still try to stop eating by 8 pm and have breakfast around 9 am. My mood stabilized and the weight came back off. My sleep still sucks but… such is my life. Yes, I’ve had a sleep study done. Yes, I’ve tried all sorts of sleep aide. No, nothing helps for more than a night or 2.

Russ continues his 12 hour fast and is progressing towards his goal. Actually, he has hit his goal and has decided to redefine it a bit. He likes his weight but wants to trim a little more fat.

If you want to do Intermittent Fasting (IF), do your research. Talk with someone before starting. Especially if you are a woman. IF can affect our hormones and our reproductive cycle.

Understand that not everything works for everyone. For my hubby, IF works great. For me, it did not work. Do what’s best for you! If you try IF, keep track of how you feel. If you notice you are “off”, talk to someone like a nutritionist or your doctor. Get some expert advice before starting or continuing.

Here are a few articles on IF:

The Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

A Beginner’s guide to Intermittent Fasting 

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The Secret to Intermittent Fasting for Women

Intermittent Fasting for Women: Important Information you need to know.

If you try IF, let me know how it worked for you. I’m curious.




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