Not Enough Time

Do yourself a favor and stop telling yourself this lie. We all have the same amount of time in a day. I know life can be busy. I get it. I’m a mom of 3 teenagers, actively involved in my church plus work full time. I know busy.

I made the difficult choice to put myself first. Finally! And it was the best decision ever. At first, it was difficult. I felt like I was being selfish. I’m the mom, I’m supposed to cook, clean, help with homework, make lunches, support in sports, provide transportation to activities, maintain friendships, work outside the home, etc. My list was very long, still is. I felt like a bad parent for a long time. But I was suffering by not taking time for myself. My family had to start cooking for themselves or wait until after I got home to make dinner. We went from eating around 5:30-6 pm to eating sometime after 7 pm. Sometimes it was as late a 8:30 before dinner was done, depending on the night. It sucked for a bit. Once a routine was established, it has gotten a lot easier.

I used to come home after work and the gym to the looming question, “what’s for dinner?” That was the biggest struggle. What are we going to eat? What can I make real quick since everyone is hungry? Now, I plan the whole weeks worth of meals on Saturday or Sunday for the week. I grocery shop for the items I need. I pull anything out of the freezer a day or 2 ahead so it can defrost. This small trick has saved me countless hours a week frantically trying to find something to eat. It might take me 30-45 minutes to put together the meals for the week and get my shopping list prepared. I used to spend close to that a day stressing over dinner. And that annoying answer to the question, “what do you want for dinner?”, ” I don’t know, what do you want?”

Yes, my kids are older so they can basically take care of themselves. This was not true a couple of years ago when I started this journey. It was a struggle and I almost gave up multiple times. I stuck it through and everyone in my house is better for it.

You are important. If you don’t take care you, who will? Who will take care of everyone while you are sick? Dead? Think about it. Your health is more important than those in your care. It’s like they say on the airplanes, put the mask on yourself first than assist others. You are no good to anyone if you pass out trying to help. You become a hindrance. Do not be a hindrance.

Make the time. It’s there. Take time for yourself. You will thank your future self. You will be happier and everyone around you will be better for it.

Tell me any tricks you have that help save time during the week.

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