Set Backs

By Staci

Set backs happen. It’s sucks when they do, but they happen. A set back can be anything that hinders your progress.

I experienced a set back this week. And it has thrown my for a loop both physically and emotionally.

On Wednesday, I was wearing a super cute outfit. Slate gray slacks with a purple top and killer 6 in heels. I love wearing these heels. They are my “sassy” heels because I feel a little extra sassy in them. A little my sass in my step. A little more wiggle in my wattle.

So for the umpteenth time, I walked out into the shop from the office and tripped on a rug pad. I managed to walk around this pad for days and multiple times on Wednesday. On this particular trip, I tripped and fell to the floor. All the way down, hard on my knees and hands. Eventually my head hit as well. Let me tell you, the cement floor is very hard.

So for a couple of days, I have been suffering from knee pain and a headache. The biggest issue is the knee. There is a large bruise on it as well as some swelling. So my mobility has been limited. No gym for me for the last couple of days. Good news, I’m going to try tonight.

So not going to the gym and other outside factors have sent me into a bit of self-pity. My little pity-party has left me eating things I would not normally eat. I kinda through my diet out the window yesterday. I ate a couple of snack-sized kit kat bars as well as a few handfuls of 60% dark chocolate chips. I was making a keto-friendly chocolate cake with them. But still. Then I ate a slice of the cake as well. It was a bad day.

Self-pity has that effect on me. I get down on my self and kinda depressed. I am an emotional eater. So when things like this affect me, I kinda lose control. Now, if my accountability partner had been available, I may not have. He was working late which is one of those outside factors.

My hubby and I work together. Yes, we work and live together and it works for us. I run the office and he is out in the field. On this particular day, the job was supposed to take approx. 5 hours and instead it took closer to 12 hours. So I felt bad for making him work so much knowing he would be working a long day today. So that is a factor. He says it doesn’t bother him (other than being tired). It bothered me. Something that was supposed to be relatively short turned out to be a nightmare. It was not my fault although I internalized it as such.

I need to learn better ways to manage my emotional days other than saying “screw it”. I think I would have been OK if it weren’t for the knee thing. I could have gone to my happy place (AKA the gym) and got my sweat on. That always improves my mood. That’s my goal for tonight, before wrestling tonight.

If you have any ideas for me to help with my emotional “screw it” days, please let me know. I obviously need some help in this area.

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