Goal Achieved

By Staci

FINALLY!!!!! Reached my mini-goal on my way to my much larger goal. I reached the 200 pound mark this morning. I am so excited! I get to reward myself with a new workout outfit. Actually, I had previously bought the outfit but now I get to wear it. Yay!


Now it’s time to set me next mini goal and reward. Hhhmmm…. What should it be? I may have to think about this. Do I want a 10 or 20 pound goal? What should my reward be?

I enlisted the help of my hubby to decide on my nest goal and reward. He says 20 pounds and I get a spa day. I like the idea. So My goal is to lose 20 pounds in the next 2 months and I will get a spa day. I will maintain my current diet and exercise plan with minimal adjustments to my diet. I will probably up the intensity of my workouts. End date will by May 31, 2018. A massage sounds soooo good.

I know I will have some set-back early next month as I will be going on retreat and not have as much access to my foods and exercise routine. Praying I wont be set back too far as I am going to try to still eat my low-carb diet.

I will keep you updated on my progress.

What is your goal? How can we help motivate you to reach your goal? Remember to give yourself some grace if you back-step a little. Just start again and again and again if needed. You are worth it and so is your goal.

G- get

O – over

A – all-the

L -lies

365 days and 365 new beginnings. Just because you messed up yesterday doesn’t mean give up. Pull up your big girl (boy) panties and try again. Keep trying until you arrive.

Tell me your goals. Make them clear. Set a deadline. Let me know so I can help encourage you.

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