Two Sides

And who doesn’t want to lose weight and to be able to eat food. Eat good food too. Not that “diet” stuff. Full-flavored items that make you feel good, full and ultimately satisfied.

I struggled with this for the better part of a year. In April, my hubby and I started on a calorie-restricted macro-style diet. We reduced the amount of calories we were taking in as well as limiting the amount of carbs. This is popularly known as Ketogenic diet or Keto. This idea is to reduce the carb intake to such a low amount that the body is forced to burn fat as an energy source instead of using carbs as fuel.

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

The Ketogenic Diet: A Beginners Guide to Keto

Russ and I tried this on our own once before. We dropped the carbs to low for me, about 20 carbs a day and moderate for him, about 40-50 carbs per day.  It lasted all of about 3 days. We were having a hard time sticking to it because it was so “restrictive”. That and we felt awful. I think we caused ourselves to have the “Keto Flu” during the transition. We dropped too quickly for our bodies to adjust.

We are currently utilizing a form of the Keto diet. I currently eat between 5 and 40 net carbs per day and Russ eats about 60. He is in maintenance and toning now while I am still in the losing phase.

Net carbs are total carbs minus dietary fiber. Total Carbs or Net Carbs: What Really Counts? explains a lot about the science behind net carbs.

To get this low in my carbs, it was a process. Before we began, my average carb count was about 150 per day. Most of it came from fruits, pasta and potatoes. I would drink a smoothie in the morning for breakfast that had about 27 carbs. Followed by a dinner usually containing, rice, pasta or potato. It all adds up quickly. My weight loss stalled even though my portions were kept small and I was excising.

Our trainer got us started on the lower-carb diet idea. We stepped back slowly. Well… Actually he cut my carbs in half the first day. That took some adjusting. Every couple of months, he would lower it again. Now, most of my calories come from fat and protein.  No, I do not eat tons of bacon everyday. Some people believe the diet consists of buttery foods and bacon. Yes, I eat bacon 2-3 times a week but no more than 3 slices at a time. Mostly it is on the weekend for breakfast and in the occasional dinner.

It wasn’t until recently that I have embraced this as my life-long eating style. This will be my reality for the long-term. I started compiling recipes and have made a cookbook out of them. I started with a 1 inch binder but have recently upgraded to a 2 inch. I may have to upgrade to a 3 inch soon. I have started to cook from this cookbook. We call it “The Holy Grail of Keto Eating”. Most of the week, dinners come from the cookbook. I have begun to eliminate some that we have tried and did not like. Unfortunately, those are mostly desserts. I spent Saturday baking some desserts and threw about half of them out because we did not like them. Stay tuned as some of those that stayed will be posted.  I placed them in the freezer for future eating. You know, when that sweet tooth strikes.

When we started reducing our carbs, I grudgingly trudged through the days trying to keep within my limits. I did not enjoy eating foods. I would piece together things to meet my goals. Now, I enjoy eating again. I plan my days worth of eating the night before. I have dinners planned so I mix and match protein shakes, protein bars, veggies and fats to reach my goals. And, let me tell you, we eat good now. In fact, it might be better than before we started down this path.

It is possible to eat foods and to loss weight. I am walking proof! Follow my recipes to eat good while “dieting”. Most of the recipes I post are not my original creations. I do occasionally make adjustments for my own tastes and those are posted in the blog. I have made up a few recipes and will post those as well. Once I make them and remember to take photos. LOL! That is always the hardest part, remembering to stop and take a photo.

Share with me your feedback on foods you have found that you like to eat while on a “diet” Always looking for more ideas. (come on 3-inch binder)

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