Goals are important. But more importantly is the journey.  There are things you will discover about yourself and others while working to obtain a goal.

I am finding out things about my husband that I did not know as we work together to reach out health goals.  well, maybe more like he is finding out things about himself and I am there to witness them. Like his (un)willingness to try fish/seafood recipes that are not fired. He likes his fish and chips or fried shrimp. I like other varieties of foods. I have located some “fried” shrimp and a beer-batter fish recipe that fit within the keto guidelines that we will try soon. Just have to get through the next week.

I made a shrimp and sausage skillet recently and it was good. I will make it again and take some photos to post. I had him try one shrimp, just one to see if he would like it. I have added them to stir-fry before and he ate it. His comment is usually, “it’s alright. I just don’t like shrimp cooked this way”. He ate the shrimp in the shrimp and sausage skillet. we will see how he likes tonight’s dinner.

Goals, like weight loos, are not always linear. Sometimes there will be setbacks. For us, the next week will be a setback towards our health and weight goals. Easter is on Sunday. I will try to avoid the dessert table since I know sugar is still a big weakness for me. Then my hubby leaves for Seattle for work for a few days. Once he is back, I leave for a women’s retreat.

While he is in Seattle, I know he will eat out almost every meal. He will pack some of his protein bars but mostly it will be fast food for days. It sucks but what’s worse is he will lose all the weight he gains in a matter of like 2-3 days. I have a better option for me while on retreat. There are planned meals I can pick from to fit in my daily goals. My activity levels will be decreased. And any weight I do gain will take me a week to get back off.

Lucky for us, while we are at home, we have some prepared meals to heat and eat. I have been taking some leftovers and putting them in the freezer for future dinners. Like when we are super busy and need to get a quick bite. Or like next week when we will be apart. I know I am not going to want to cook a big meal for just me. So freezer meals to the rescue.

Keys to reaching your goals:

Define them! Define the who and the what. Be as clear as possible.

Set a time limit! Don’t leave the goal achievement open ended. Set a date to reach the goal by.

Tell others! Get yourself a cheering section. They will help keep you accountable and on track. Get someone you can trust and rely on.

Reward yourself! Set us a reward system. You are more likely to stay committed if you know what you are to gain in addition to the achievement of the goal.

For example, my current goal is to lose 20 pounds while maintaining my current fitness and food program.  I have until the end of May 2018 to reach this goal and earn myself a day at the spa.

What are your goals?

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