By Staci


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.  But what if that beholder is you? Do you see yourself as beautiful? Pretty? Fit? Thin? Fat? Ugly? Unattractive? Undesirable?

I was at the gym last week soaking in the heat of the sauna after my workout. I like the dry sauna because it feels like the heat penetrates my sore muscles better than the Jacuzzi.  Anyways, I was staring off into space when I see a lovely young lady walk up to the mirror. To me, she was perfect. Thin, fit, long thick hair and beautiful. Everything I wish I was or had. As I watched her, I was thinking, I will never get there but I might get close. She’s perfect. I watch her look at herself with disgust. She critiqued her tummy area, her arms and her rear end. She looked closely at her skin seeing some imperfection.

Then it donned on me….. We all have insecurities about the way we look. We all want to look a certain way. We want what we do not have. We see beauty in others but not in ourselves. It’s time to redefine beauty. Redefine perfection.

The time is now.  You are beautiful. “I am beautiful” Say it out loud! Say it like you mean it! “I am BEAUTIFUL!” Say it to yourself every day until you believe it.

You are the perfect creation of the perfect Creator. He made you perfect just the way you are. Of course, there is room for improvement. Choices we make effect ourselves. Choices like eating fast food several times a week is not the best choice and will effect you in many ways. It may add to your waist line or your complexion. It can also effect your mood and sleep. Choices will make us into a different perfection.

Sometimes I feel like a perfect mess. Like right now, I feel less then perfect. But I am still perfect just the way I am. Yes, I am on the path to improvement. This path is for myself and no one else. I want this for me. I accept my current level of perfection and am working towards a new level of perfection.

It took me a long time to accept me as I am, fat rolls and all. Once I did, it changed everything. I am able to love my husband more deeply than before. I am able to love and care for my children better than before. I take the time for myself and allow myself to be loved by the toughest critic, me. It has changed my entire mind frame. No, I am not where I want to be. I still have a ways to go. But I love me as I am currently which is making it easier to get to my goal. I’m not struggling with my daily complaining. Being more positive has had a positive effect on my weight loss. It’s weird but true.

Where are you? Have you accepted yourself just the way you are? You are perfect. You are beautiful. Just. The. Way. You. Are. Accept yourself, truly accept yourself and see what happens.

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