Getting Back on Track

By Staci

Well, I’ve had a set back. I’ve gained 5 pounds in the last week. Yes, 5 pounds in a week. It sucks! And I know exactly why.

I was on a mini vacation with a great group of ladies over the weekend. We were at the beach and meals were prepared for us. Well, most of them anyways. I did eat out 2 meals. I did behave (mostly) on those and while meals were served.

I had every intention of sticking to my meal plan. I brought snacks and things for me to eat so I wouldn’t be tempted by the sweet treats. Best laid plans went out the window. My sweet friend makes the best Romanian style cakes. Her mocha cake is my favorite and she makes it with decaf coffee just for me. I ate a small piece. That sent me off track and into a sugar binge. That and the dark chocolate cover almonds. Yumm!

I did pretty good Thursday and most of Friday. Saturday and Sunday were not good at all. I was on a total binge over the weekend. I could not get myself under control. I tried to avoid the sweets. Tried to stay away. Finally, I just gave in and gorged myself. I just did not stop eating all weekend. I regret it now. I did not feel great afterwards.

But I am not beating myself up for it either. Yes, I gained weight. Yes, I had a set back. Yes, I’m disappointed in myself and my lack of self-control. No, I’m not stressing about it. No, I’m not feeling guilty about. No, I am not dwelling on my recent choices.

Just get refocused. I am back on track. Yes, I am fighting my current sugar cravings because I reintroduced sugar to my diet. I’m down almost 2 pounds after my gain. I am setting my sights on the future and my future self instead of being upset at my past self. Positive self-views will promote positive changes.

I found this article with some great tips to get back on track after a weigh gain.   5 Tips to get Back on Track After Weight Gain.  Give it a read if you need some help getting back on track.

My hubby went off of his eating plan too while I was away. I think he did worse than me. He gained about 7 pounds. But he will lose it faster than me. So I’m not alone. And neither are you.

We are here for you if you need some encouragement after a set back. Let us know how we can help.

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