Update: Goals

Well, here we are on the last half of the month of April. Thought it would be a good time to give an update.

I am failing miserably! I knew this goal would be tough. 20 pounds  in 2 months is a tall order when life is not chaotic. I probably bit off more than I can chew at this point.

I am not giving up. I have lots of excuses. Women’s  retreat, Easter, and track season are all contributes. And I had a migraine for 5 days which prevented getting to the gym and eating much. I get weird cravings with my migraines. This time it was mozzarella sticks and onion rings with ranch dressing and white cheddar popcorn. Last nights track meet didn’t get done until 8pm so it was a drive-thru dinner. Stress has been a big factor. And I have had a horrible sweet tooth lately. I have made several desserts lately and stored them in the freezer for later. Well, later came sooner rather than later.

It’s not too late. I can still work towards my goal. I just need to get re-focused. I am doing this for me! And only me. So I am re-focusing myself to do better for myself.

Do I think I will hit 20 pound loss in a month and a half? Probably not in a healthy way. So I am not going to stress about it. Yes, I want to hit my goal. But I want to do it in a healthy way and stressing about it will not help.

Goal Redefined: (yes, it’s ok to redefine the goal) If I lose 20 pounds by May 31st, I get a spa day complete with massage, facial and manicure/pedicure. If I get within 5 pounds of the goal, I get one of the above options.  This way, I still get a reward for the effort, just not the entire reward. I am going to work harder about being consistent with diet and with exercise. I will meet with my trainer on Tuesday and discuss how I can safely reach my 20 pound goal.

Don’t be afraid to admit where you have screwed up. Tomorrow is another day. Your next decision is a new opportunity to make better choices.

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