Back on track

By Staci

Ever go off exploring and get off the trail you were on? Now you’re lost. Not a good place to be. It can be difficult to get back to the path you know to get you to your goal.

Same goes for diet and exercise. You can get off track and be in the “lost zone” for a bit. That was most of my April. It has not been a good month for me. I got a bit to lax in my cheat meals and not being “on plan”. I like “on plan” instead on “diet”. It makes me feel better so I use it. I’ll say things like, “I don’t eat that. it’s not on plan” instead of, ” I can’t. I’m on a diet”.

Don’t is a powerful word with a better personal impact instead of can’t. Can’t indicates it is not your choice to avoid the said food. Don’t sounds more like a choice. Like I don’t eat refined food or highly processed foods. I don’t eat breads, most pasta and most potatoes or rice. I do make a few exceptions for grains such as quinoa and brown rice. I will eat sweet potatoes on occasion but keep them to a minimum.

So back to what I was saying, April was a bad month for me. I “got lost” for the better part of the month. I had good intentions. I packed my “plan” snacks for while I was on retreat. But there were too many goodies that just tempted me. Some of them were good for me like mixed nuts and dark chocolate covered almonds. The problem was I ate too many of them. I was eating because it was there and not because I was hungry. I did not practice my mindful eating that I do while at home.

I tried to get back on track after that and did good for a few days. The weight I gained started to come off. I am going through a cookbook I have assembled of various recipes that I have found on the internet that are keto friendly. So i have been baking a lot to try them out. Some are pretty good. Others are ok or I just don’t like them. Those ones are eliminated. Unfortunately, I am not getting rid of very many. I suppose that could be a good thing too. Most of them are tasty. I found a “fried” rice recipe made with cauliflower that was amazing. I could barely tell it was made with cauliflower instead of rice. I will post that one soon.

We went and saw our trainer last Tuesday. Needless to say, my weight was not where I wanted it to be. I lost 1 pound over the 2 weeks since I last saw him. I asked what I can do to help speed up the weight loss progress. He asked about my cheat meals and when was the last time I had one. I had to be really honest with myself and I’ve had about 8 cheat meals/days in the month of April. I normally have 3-4. So it was double. And some of them were multiple meals. Like last Saturday, we had mexican, a blizzard plus popcorn and candy (I only ate like 5 pieces of sour patch kids). That is a lot in a day. Sure, I behaved a bit and ate only a small blizzard when the hubby ate a large. But still…

So we have the next cheat meal planned which is a week. It’ll be to celebrate our birthdays. So until that point, I have to behave and be on plan. I have lost 2 pounds since seeing our trainer by getting back on track. Sure, it might be water weight but at least I am moving in the right direction. Each day is a new day to make better choices. To be better than I was yesterday.


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