Losing to Gain

By Staci

I often say I am on a weigh loss journey. But I actually should be saying I am on a healthy journey.  Yes, I am wanting (and doing) to lose weight. I have a goal weight in mind and am working hard to get there. But it is so much more then just a losing thing.

I am gaining so much. I am gaining confidence. I walk with a little more swagger now. Not arrogantly so! But with confidence and being self-assured. I feel better about the way I look so I express that in the way I walk and dress.

My wardrobe is ever expanding. I used to hate, HATE clothes shopping. I would wear what I had until it basically disintegrated. Now, I buy something new about once a month. Just a couple of items to help me while in size transition. I try to buy nothing over $10 as I will not be wearing it for long. And I donate my clothes to my church to help the homeless in our area that we service. They get some nicer clothes that are “like new” so hopefully it helps them feel better too. It is my hope that the improved look for them will help get them back on their feet. Now, I know that clothing wont help necessarily but it may give them something to wear to an interview.

I’ve gained some of my health back. I used to be on daily medication to treat and prevent migraines. I have been off of all those meds for 8 months. I take the occasional pain reliever when needed for a bad headache or migraine. The frequency of the headaches/migraines are fewer as well.

I have a new respect for food. My body is a machine that needs the correct fuels to make it run properly. Before, I was eating a lot of processed foods and sugar in my diet. Meals consisted of a meat, pasta,rice or potato, vegetable, bread often and dessert. Now, it’s a lean protein, fat source (cheese or oils) and vegetable. Desserts are few and far between. I just don’t have the cravings for sugar that I used too. I have a freezer with some desserts in it ready to go when I want something. They are all Keto friendly. Right now my go-to dessert is fresh berries. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. Sometimes I top it with a dollop of whipped cream. But my favorite is just  the berries all by themselves. Yumm!

What are you gaining by losing?

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