Checking in

By Staci

Just checking in. I know I haven’t posted in a while. I have been busy enjoying my life. I have been cooking up a storm and will share those recipes soon. When I get some down time, i will get them written up.

Don’t worry if you don’t hear from us for a while. With Summer fast approaching, we will be spending some time in the great outdoors getting our fitness on. I will share some of our adventures.

Just wanted to give an update. I have not reached my goal of losing 20 pounds in 2 months. I have spent half of my time re-losing the same 5-9 pounds. So really, I did reach the goal of 20 pounds, it was just the same 20 pounds I had lost previously. I will not be rewarding myself for that. I had a few too many cheat meals (weekends). In all honesty, I am not that upset about not reaching my goal. Sure, I’m bummed and kinda sad about not earning that spa day. I was looking forward to that. But I learned some things. I learned to be more forgiving of myself for “falling off the wagon” (I actually jumped but who’s counting). I did not feel guilty about being off plan which is a huge thing for me. I think I was too strict on myself which caused stress which caused a stall in the weight loss. With my weekend binges, I gained a few pounds but I was able to get back on track, forgive myself and move on. Guess what?!?! The pounds came off much more quickly this time around. Instead of struggling to lose the 2-3 pounds I gained (sometimes it took a week or more) they would come off in a couple of days. I did not change anything other than not beating myself up for the cheat.

It is so refreshing to not be so down on myself. I am allowing myself some freedom and the effects are great. It has changed everything. I may incorporate a cheat meal every week instead of only 1-2 a month.

Allow yourself to have some freedom. Forgive yourself if you go off plan and move on. It will make a difference. Think positive and see how things change.

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