Need a little help?

By Staci

Summer is fast approaching. In the pacific Northwest, it arrives “officially” just after the 4th of July which is less then a month away. Are you summer ready?

Don’t worry, if you’re not. I’m not either. I was reading some articles recently on tricks and tips to get some extra weight off. Most of these I do. There are a few I am ok with and a few I might incorporate.  Sleep is my biggest struggle.

Take a look. See if any of these tips could be incorporated into your routine. I am going to be more consistent with my cardio and HIIT training after weight training. I have been slacking off on that a bit over the last couple of weeks. In fact, yesterday I only did about 10 minutes of the stationary bike instead of a 30 minute HIIT session. I was experiencing some hip pain but not really enough to keep from doing the work. I just used it as an excuse to not push it. Kinda regretting it now.

Today is a new day and a new chance to make better decisions.

25 Habits That Help You Lose Belly Fat

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