Confession time

By Staci

Going off the diet train is an understatement. My diet train completely derailed and has been out of commission for a couple of weeks. It took my motivation and will power with it. I have been trying to rally and get back on track but it’s just not happening right now.

I think I may have lost track of my “why”. Why am I doing this? Why am I limiting myself? Why am I not motivated to eat right or exercise? I don’t get it. I am totally lacking in every aspect of my health journey. Like, it is non-existent at the moment. Literally!

I have been trying to get back on track. Then the cravings hit. Or I am still hungry after eating my daily allowance of calories/macro nutrients. Then there was some emotional and stress eating days. And a few “I don’t care” days. It has all added up to a big cheat period. Kinda threw caution and reason out the window and ate like I used too.

A few things happened during this weird period of time. First, I gained some weight back. Duh, that was totally expected. And I hate it! Second, my energy levels tanked big time! Like I had little to no energy. I took naps over the weekend. I was down with a back muscle spasm issue but still. I never nap unless I am sick or have a migraine. Even then, it is not very often. I just don’t nap and I took 2 over the weekend. Third, and last one I’ll talk about is over all, I feel ick. My body is kinda sluggish and all over just feel “off”. Like I’m not quite myself.

With these things in mind, I need to get back on track. Only problem, I have no desire to. I kind of have given up. Just momentarily! I will regroup and get back on track. I have 10 months to hit my goal weight. Which means approx 6 pounds a month. Which is totally do-able. I just need the motivation to do it. Which is what I am currently lacking.

My current mini goal is to not have a cheat meal until July 4th. That’s a week and a half away. Also to put in some effort into my workouts. I have been half-heartedly doing them as of late. So, current goal, eat right for a week and a half and complete workouts with medium to full intensity. Reward, cheat meal on the 4th.

I can do this. This may help restart my motivation. Hoping my will-power will make a gran reappearance as well. That is definitely needed. It’s summer and I miss ice cream! I do have some low carb ice cream recipes that I will make up soon to try. Fingers crossed they will be edible and curb the cravings.  If not, back to the drawing board. Frozen yogurt pops may be stocking my freezer soon. Those were yummy and packed with protein. Add a little fresh berries.

Have you ever lost your motivation to do something good for you? How did you power past it? I need some ideas.

One thought on “Confession time

  1. Hello. I too have fallen off the wagon. It is very difficult to try and get back on track. I like your motivation and you kind gave me more motivation to get back on the wagon and for me its going to be very rough as when the family gets together there is always to much food being passed. I will keep reading your posts to keep me motivated.


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