Never Give Up!

You are too important to give up on. Again, YOU ARE TOO IMPORTANT TO GIVE UP ON!

Despite the setbacks, weight yo-yos, lack of motivation, lack of (fill in the blank), don’t give up. What ever your excuse is, don’t quit. You are too important!

I took some time off this summer. Time for vacations, day trips, family time, etc. I even took time off of my eating plan. Ok, to be honest, I completely abandoned the eating plan. I am paying for that decision. My health has deteriorated again. My headaches are more frequent and the migraines have increased in length, severity and frequency. And I gained weight. I gained about 10 pounds back over 4 months. Not too bad but not good either.

I can give a long list of excuses as to why I went off the plan. None of them were that important for me to “give up” for 4 months. It all boils down to 1 reason, I lost motivation. I got bored.

I became bored with what I was eating. A protein shake for breakfast/lunch. Usually some veggies, cheese stick or nuts for an afternoon snack and dinner. I got very tired of the protein shakes. They tasted great but I wanted something more. Something solid.  Something more satisfying. So I began to look for alternatives.

I settled for plain Greek yogurt with strawberries and blueberries for breakfast. Lunch varies but included sandwiches, meat roll-ups, and leftovers. Still eat the veggies and cheese stick often. I was adding a lower-carb granola (homemade) for a while to the yogurt but I ran out and haven’t made any more. I will soon as I like the added crunch every now and again.

So, back on track I am with a focus back on myself. It is the only choice. I can’t keep living with my current pain levels again. It is limiting my life and I am too important to give up on.

No more excuses! I am focusing back on eating right and getting more activity in. We stopped going to the gym for a bit due to an injury and extremely busy schedule. But we have to get going again. Both my hubby and I have gained weight and are feeling the effects of the more-processed foods we have been eating.

Now is the time! Get back on track if you have stepped away from your goals. It’s not too late. Today is the day. Don’t wait! You are too important!

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