In the beginning, I was blissfully unaware of the damage I was doing to myself. I went about my days eating and drinking what I wanted. Then one day, I looked in the mirror. Yikes! I did not like what I saw. It was more than just the “uuhhhggg, I don’t like the  way I look today”. It was a genuine disgust for what I allowed myself to become.

At the beginning of my journey, I weighted a whopping 268 lbs. My husband and I were withing 5 pounds of each other.  This was back in 2009. I have lost 62 lbs since then. I am not at my goal yet and have had many set backs along the way.

I have tired several different diets, eating plans, and food eliminations. I used a pre-packaged meal plan for a few months. I dropped weight rapidly. Like 70 lbs in 5 months! It was great. The plan was hard to follow at first and the food took a little getting used to. The plan was spendy but required very little work on my part. Order the food, prepare as directed and eat it 5 times a day along with a lean and green meal. Simple! Then my financial situation changed and I stopped the program. I gained all the weight back plus a little.

So I thought, “ok, no more diets”. We’re going to do things the old fashioned way. Changing my diet by portion sizes and eliminating a few foods. So I cut out soda and most sugary items. I limited the amount of desserts I ate. I cut back on my portion sizes at meal times. This helped a little but more needed to change.

So I started counting my calories each day. I use the app I love using myfitnesspal. It is pretty simple and easy. I can import recipes and view restaurant menu items. It helps track macronutirents. It is somewhat customize able in terms of goals for daily intake of protein, fats, carbs and calories. It also links with other fitness tracking apps. I have it linked to my fitbit. It’s great and best of all it’s free. I did upgrade my membership to the pro because I thought it would help with tracking net carbs but it didn’t. More about that later.

Check back again soon for more of my story.