New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. Time to make those New Years Resolutions. UUHHHGGGG! right?!?! I know how you feel. I don’t really like making them either. But I figured out something. Resolutions are goals. But goals with out a plan are destined to fail.

I made a resolution to be better this year than last year.  Better with my finances. Better with my health and eating. Better person to those around me. A better version of me than last year. Of course I want to lose weight. But that is not my primary focus. It will happen as a bi-product of me doing better for myself.

Now the real question, how am I going to be better? What are the steps I am going to take to achieve my resolution?  First, I am going to journal. My first option was every day but I have already failed at that. So I am working up to every day by trying every day but doing it at least every 2-3 days. I bought a fitness journal which is helping. I get to write down my activity level for the day and what I ate and drank. I am using MyFitnessPal again to track my food every day. I am tracking everything I eat so I can see trends in my eating. Like when I have cravings or emotionally eat, I can see it and plan better for the upcoming cycle. I write these down in my journal as well. I’m also tracking my headaches and migraines to see what I ate that may be a trigger.  Also to track my hormone cycle. I no longer have menstrual periods but I am not in menopause either. So tracking the hormones and foods is helpful.

I am giving myself more grace when it comes to food. I look at it as fuel and not as a “I can’t have it” approach.  Is this cookie going to fuel my body the best way? Or should I opt for an apple with nut butter? Both will satisfy my sweet tooth but which is the better option for me. Nothing is off limits. Everything in moderation. This includes things like rice, pasta, potatoes and desserts. I don’t eat a lot of them anyways but I;m not going to shy away from ordering it on the menu or fixing it at home once in a while.

I’m getting back to the gym. My goal is 5-6 days a week. But I’m easing into it. Right now I am averaging 3 days a week. Next week, I’ll shoot for 4.

I’ve also started talking to myself everyday in the mirror as I am getting ready for work. I say only nice things to myself. I weigh every morning to help keep myself on track. So on days where the scale didn’t move or move in the desired direction, I tell myself its ok. Weight loss is not linear so you will have ups and downs. I prefer the downs. I might remind myself that I enjoyed that glass of wine with dinner. Or maybe an evening out with friends. And we will do better today. You are beautiful. Your body is perfect just the way it is. It carried 3 children and have had multiple adventures. I am working on loving myself the way I am instead of waiting until I get to my “ideal” me. This is a journey my body and I are on together so we need to work together. The nicer I am to myself, the better I do during the day. I wish I would have figured this out years ago.

Baby steps! Baby steps are steps. Take it one day at a time. You will get there. This is a marathon not a sprint.  Enjoy the journey!

It’s Been a While…

It’s been a while since I have written anything.  Life! Life has a way of derailing my best intentions. Between stress at work, family, football season and now wrestling plus the holidays I have not taken the time for myself like I know I should.  I need to take care of myself so I can take care of others.

I let me slip to the back burner over the last few months. And I am paying for it now. I gained some weight back from not eating right and not being as active as I was. And with that weight, my negative self-talk as increased to being the only thing that is being said to me by me. Also, my migraines have increased in frequency again.  I know there is a direct link between what I am fueling my body with and my migraines. There is no denying it. I went back to eating things I don’t normally eat and eating out a lot due to limited time to prepare meals. Football would last until 6 – 6:30 pm than there was about a 30 minute wait to get my son after dressing down and a bus ride back to the school. So we’d get home after 7 pm then try and cook dinner. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Instead it was order take out to pick up on the way home or find the nearest drive-thru.

I am done giving excuses as to why I slipped up. I slipped up. Plain and simple. I need to do better for me so I can be an example to those around me.  Starting in January, we are getting back on track. It is a slow process and we are no where near perfect yet. But step by step, day by day we are working towards our goals.

We have eliminated all the sweet treats from the holiday season. I am a baker so I baked and baked for weeks and my freezer was full. I gave away a lot for Christmas presents to family, friends and co-workers. But there was a lot left. I took most of it to my church to serve during our breakfast for the homeless and those in need in our community. they really enjoyed the homebaked goodies. I left some in the freezer for my family. We finished off the temptations last night. One more step towards getting on track. No more sugary treats in the house.

So, if you have gotten off track. It’s not too late to turn back around and start again. Remember, this is for you. Do it for yourself.

Never Give Up!

You are too important to give up on. Again, YOU ARE TOO IMPORTANT TO GIVE UP ON!

Despite the setbacks, weight yo-yos, lack of motivation, lack of (fill in the blank), don’t give up. What ever your excuse is, don’t quit. You are too important!

I took some time off this summer. Time for vacations, day trips, family time, etc. I even took time off of my eating plan. Ok, to be honest, I completely abandoned the eating plan. I am paying for that decision. My health has deteriorated again. My headaches are more frequent and the migraines have increased in length, severity and frequency. And I gained weight. I gained about 10 pounds back over 4 months. Not too bad but not good either.

I can give a long list of excuses as to why I went off the plan. None of them were that important for me to “give up” for 4 months. It all boils down to 1 reason, I lost motivation. I got bored.

I became bored with what I was eating. A protein shake for breakfast/lunch. Usually some veggies, cheese stick or nuts for an afternoon snack and dinner. I got very tired of the protein shakes. They tasted great but I wanted something more. Something solid.  Something more satisfying. So I began to look for alternatives.

I settled for plain Greek yogurt with strawberries and blueberries for breakfast. Lunch varies but included sandwiches, meat roll-ups, and leftovers. Still eat the veggies and cheese stick often. I was adding a lower-carb granola (homemade) for a while to the yogurt but I ran out and haven’t made any more. I will soon as I like the added crunch every now and again.

So, back on track I am with a focus back on myself. It is the only choice. I can’t keep living with my current pain levels again. It is limiting my life and I am too important to give up on.

No more excuses! I am focusing back on eating right and getting more activity in. We stopped going to the gym for a bit due to an injury and extremely busy schedule. But we have to get going again. Both my hubby and I have gained weight and are feeling the effects of the more-processed foods we have been eating.

Now is the time! Get back on track if you have stepped away from your goals. It’s not too late. Today is the day. Don’t wait! You are too important!

Ahhh.. It feels good!

Ahh… It feels good! To be back on track. To be providing the correct fuel for my body. After all it is a lean, not-so-mean machine that I am in charge of keeping in tip top running condition.

I often hear things like “You are either feeding a disease or fighting it”, “You are what you eat” or “you get out what you put in”. I would kinda roll my eyes at them. But if you think about it, they are true statements. The body responds to the food put into it. If highly-processed foods are ingested daily, it improves your risk for obesity and other health issues. Just ask me, I’ll tell you. I ate out of a box or out of a bag for years. YEARS! And I gained weight. I was morbidly  obese a few years ago. Still obese but now I am on the lower end, almost to overweight. My blood pressure was on the rise. I was on several medications for my migraines that I had to take daily and still had migraines a majority of the time.

Since switching to a more whole foods diet, I am off all my preventative medications. My migraines have gone from 8-9 a month lasting between 4 hours and 10 days to 4-5 mild headaches a month and maybe 1-2 migraines that last between 2 hours and 4 days. My most recent migraine was around 4th of July. It was caused by a lot of things and not eating right is probably one of them. Stress and lack of sleep didn’t help either.

I am back on track and have lost 4.5 in a week. I am not being super strict either. Being more mindful of the fuel I am putting into my body. Replacement parts are not cheap and the labor is costly. But preventative maintenance goes a long way. Shedding the extra pounds and toning the muscles will provide me with a better body for retirement. Eating the right food, little to no processed foods, will be my life-long eating habits.

Sure, I still cheat once in a while. I ate a blizzard last night. But I am not eating one every night. It’s hot and I like the cold treat. Should probably make some frozen protein yogurt for such a time as these. And maybe I will.

The point is, do good for your body. You only get one! Take care of yourself!

The struggle is real!!!!

By Staci

The struggle is real!!!! And it is real to struggle. Struggle is (unfortunately) a part of life. Same thing for change. It can be a struggle to change. Habits can be hard to break. Just when you think you have conquered the habit or have made the change a part of your life…. you slip back into the “old ways”

Let me tell you a little story. I have been on a “new me” journey for a few years now. Ok… 5 years. I get going and doing well then something interferes. Most of the time it’s time that ruins my best-laid-plans. Or lack there of. This is especially true in the summer months.

This summer has been no exception. Time has become limited. Family vacations, weekend trips, holidays, etc. The list of excuses could go on and on. For the last month, I have completely abandoned the eating right and exercise thing. Ok, not completely but for the most part. I was still going to the gym 2 days a week instead of the usual 5-6. My workouts were only about half-effort, so they really don’t count.

I ate whatever I wanted. Lots and lots of ice cream. Bad idea since I’m lactose intolerant. But it is soooooo yummy! And it’s been HOT!!!!! And eating out a lot due to the heat. You know that “no desire to cook” thing. Throw in a camping trip and boom!

I was content with where I was in my journey for a bit. I was happy with where I was. Not at my goal, but happy. I could look in the mirror and not cringe at what I saw. I could stand on the scale and be ok with the number. I was happy with the way my clothes were fitting.

Not anymore! I gained about 10 pounds. Which is not the end of the world. What has happened is I have stopped liking the way I look again. I am no longer content with where I am. I look in the mirror and do not like what I see. Yes, this is all about me. As it should be. It’s my body, my life that I live with. I am making the change for ME! No one but ME! Me! Me! Me!

I’m not a selfish person or self-centered for the most part. But there comes a time when you realize that you are not happy and you need to make a change for yourself. When I start disliking me, my relationships start to suffer. I start looking to them for affirmation. Looking to them to fill a need for reassurance. For love. When that becomes the focus, to fill the gap in myself, it puts a strain on things. When I am happier and more self-assured, my relationships thrive. There is not the added strain of trying to fill gaps that cannot be filled.

So I am back on track. We have been to the gym 3 days so far this week and day 4 will be after work. I am working on eating better. It’s starting to cool down here so my desire to cook is returning.

Focus on yourself when you need to. Self-love is very important. Without it, you do not have the strength and energy to really, really focus on others. This is really difficult for those with children, especially moms. Find a way. Everyone will thank you for it.

Confession time

By Staci

Going off the diet train is an understatement. My diet train completely derailed and has been out of commission for a couple of weeks. It took my motivation and will power with it. I have been trying to rally and get back on track but it’s just not happening right now.

I think I may have lost track of my “why”. Why am I doing this? Why am I limiting myself? Why am I not motivated to eat right or exercise? I don’t get it. I am totally lacking in every aspect of my health journey. Like, it is non-existent at the moment. Literally!

I have been trying to get back on track. Then the cravings hit. Or I am still hungry after eating my daily allowance of calories/macro nutrients. Then there was some emotional and stress eating days. And a few “I don’t care” days. It has all added up to a big cheat period. Kinda threw caution and reason out the window and ate like I used too.

A few things happened during this weird period of time. First, I gained some weight back. Duh, that was totally expected. And I hate it! Second, my energy levels tanked big time! Like I had little to no energy. I took naps over the weekend. I was down with a back muscle spasm issue but still. I never nap unless I am sick or have a migraine. Even then, it is not very often. I just don’t nap and I took 2 over the weekend. Third, and last one I’ll talk about is over all, I feel ick. My body is kinda sluggish and all over just feel “off”. Like I’m not quite myself.

With these things in mind, I need to get back on track. Only problem, I have no desire to. I kind of have given up. Just momentarily! I will regroup and get back on track. I have 10 months to hit my goal weight. Which means approx 6 pounds a month. Which is totally do-able. I just need the motivation to do it. Which is what I am currently lacking.

My current mini goal is to not have a cheat meal until July 4th. That’s a week and a half away. Also to put in some effort into my workouts. I have been half-heartedly doing them as of late. So, current goal, eat right for a week and a half and complete workouts with medium to full intensity. Reward, cheat meal on the 4th.

I can do this. This may help restart my motivation. Hoping my will-power will make a gran reappearance as well. That is definitely needed. It’s summer and I miss ice cream! I do have some low carb ice cream recipes that I will make up soon to try. Fingers crossed they will be edible and curb the cravings.  If not, back to the drawing board. Frozen yogurt pops may be stocking my freezer soon. Those were yummy and packed with protein. Add a little fresh berries.

Have you ever lost your motivation to do something good for you? How did you power past it? I need some ideas.

Need a little help?

By Staci

Summer is fast approaching. In the pacific Northwest, it arrives “officially” just after the 4th of July which is less then a month away. Are you summer ready?

Don’t worry, if you’re not. I’m not either. I was reading some articles recently on tricks and tips to get some extra weight off. Most of these I do. There are a few I am ok with and a few I might incorporate.  Sleep is my biggest struggle.

Take a look. See if any of these tips could be incorporated into your routine. I am going to be more consistent with my cardio and HIIT training after weight training. I have been slacking off on that a bit over the last couple of weeks. In fact, yesterday I only did about 10 minutes of the stationary bike instead of a 30 minute HIIT session. I was experiencing some hip pain but not really enough to keep from doing the work. I just used it as an excuse to not push it. Kinda regretting it now.

Today is a new day and a new chance to make better decisions.

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